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Welcome. Below is our collection of sermons. We pray that God speaks to you through them.

Psalms series week 3 - E. Davey

Psalms series week 2 - C. Elkins

Psalms series introduction - J. Betts

God as father - J. Betts

Christ is risen! - D. Elkins

Easter - D. Elkins

1 Corinthians 11:23-End - J. Betts

The Lord The Lord (Exodus 33) - C. Elkins

Is there salt in your offering - D. Brennan

Psalm 52 - J. Betts

The fire shall be kept burning - E. Davey

Haves and have nots- J. Betts

Clare's Testimony

The Lion and the Lamb - D. Elkins

The Gospel of Luke - J.Betts

Is abortion a gospel issue? - Dean Gavaris

How to tackles your obstacles - D. Elkins

Ezekiel 34-48 - J. Betts

Preparing for Christmas pt3 - D. Brennan

Preparing for Christmas pt2 - J. Betts

Preparing for Christmas pt1 - J. Betts

Shine with the glory of God
D. Elkins

2 Timothy 1 - E. Davey

The churches call to healing ministry
D. Elkins

Ruth 1 - E. Davey

The Kingdom of heaven - J. Betts

Psalm 62 - D. Brennan

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