Norwich healing rooms


Gwil Davey music

Community Action Norwich

New Hope Christian Centre

The Norwich Healing Rooms is a place where anyone can come for prayer, no matter what the need, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual concerns. Our Team is dedicated to seeing the same healings which took place in the Bible, take place today, because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Brephos, a CBR project, exists to help churches to respond to abortion from the pulpit, in the public square and in one-to-one situations.

Gwil is passionate about writing biblical, honest songs of worship. He is a trained worship leader having ministered in multiple churches with different backgrounds.

The charity Community Action Norwich was formed in 1999, as an umbrella organisation for the social outreach work of a local free church based in the Lakenham area of Norwich. This church had been working in the community for 10 years before Community Action Norwich was formed.

Just as Joshua built an altar of praise in the promised land as a witness to the promise God had made him, we are building an altar of praise in Lakenham, claiming the people of Lakenham for God. We believe in, and practice healing and deliverance ministry because we want to see people living in the fullness of all that God has for them.