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City Ministries Norwich Launched

The vision was well received by all who heard it


Over bacon rolls and fresh coffee, the atmosphere amongst the various church and ministry leaders from across the city was warm, even before John Betts, the ministry leader, had stood up to present his vision for the united body of Christ in Norwich.


As the presentation began, we were united together in worship of the Living God- putting Him at the heart and centre of the morning and indeed the ministry. John gave a brief overview of the vision for the ministry that God had given him, inviting questions from those present. His vision is to see the body of Christ, in its various expressions and outworkings, come together in mutual support, encouragement and desire to see the Kingdom of God in Norwich, not the kingdom of any one church or ministry.


The vision of City Ministries is ‘to change the spiritual atmosphere in Greater Norwich and to reach Norwich for Christ and the Kingdom of God through teaching, training, prayer and action.’


It was evident that this vision was caught by those present, as God stirred their hearts to begin at once! For too long, Norwich has been fractured by fragmented Christianity which has stemmed from a stronghold of independence, and as a result, the spiritual climate of the city has become as dilapidated and crumbled as the city walls. The desire of those present was to begin with regular prayer to unite the leaders in humility before God and from there to move into action. Already several of the ministries associated are planning to work together for a summer mission to reach families in Lakenham. In another outworking of the vision, some churches associated have joined with Dave Brennan of Brephos (part of CBR UK) to bring the reality of abortion alongside the hope of the gospel to the streets of Norwich. 


The need to work together in these times is vital. The work to be done in the city is too great for any one ministry or church to undertake alone. Being able to share the support, strengths and resources held by other ministries takes the pressure off and allows the expertise, knowledge and wisdom of others to be available to all for the Kingdom of God.

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